Last Updated: January 26th 2023

Tired of creating new projects and importing all of the same essentials each time? Can’t be bothered to keep your tools and shaders up to date until it breaks?

Worried about learning the 2023 VRChat Creator Companion crossover?

What if you could create your fresh Unity Projects preloaded with utility in a single click.

I’ve been compiling/maintaining/using a base template project for years, not just for myself but also close friends. With the advent of VCC, now it’s available as a Discord Nitro asset in my server. You don’t have to stay boosted to use it, just to download updates.

Also includes JustSleightly’s 3.0 Template for a 3.0 quickstart!


How to Install:

  1. Download the VRChat Creator Companion from the official VRChat website
  2. Download and extract the template from its .rar archive
  3. Open the Creator Companion and navigate to Settings in the bottom left
  4. Click on Templates under Files and Folders
  5. Copy/Paste the template folder you extracted from the download into this Templates folder and check your VCC

<aside> ℹ️ If this is your first time running VCC, you may have some introductory/setup windows to navigate through that aren’t mentioned here.


RATS - If you use Controller Editor by Dreadrith, go to Tools>RATS>Options>Compatibility>Disable Graph Window Patches

I also recommend disabling custom grid ^ regardless of if you use CE

In Unity 2022 - If prompted for Safe Mode, you can hit ignore. The compile errors will resolve once the rest of the project is compiled.


Adjusting the Layout:

When opening a new project, Unity’s layout will revert to the default configuration.

After your first time opening the project, I recommend rearranging the windows to your liking, then saving the layout for quick swapping on all future projects.

These layouts support custom editor/tool windows as well!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use this?

Why is this a Discord Nitro perk?

What’s included?

Below displays all assets that are included with the template. It has a primary focus on many commonly regarded essentials, then a few minor useful utilities that are small enough to not bloat the project so it doesn’t hurt to keep in.

The second tab is an example of my own personal base project for your reference. If you’re interested in checking out more tools, check out my massive database of .

Untitled Database