Last Updated: June 29th 2023

Spending too much time in Unity doing basic Avatar setup?

Ever since 3.0 released in August of 2020, I’ve been maintaining a base set of 3.0 controller templates for myself and other creators to quickly populate the Avatar Descriptor and get straight into the juicy work.

It’s never been posted publicly, just circulated via DMs over time, leading to several outdated versions across many people.

To facilitate announcing and maintaining updates, it is now available as a Discord Nitro asset in my server, as well as in JustSleightly’s Avatar Template. You don’t have to stay boosted to use it, just to download updates.


Just drag and drop straight in!

Just drag and drop straight in!

Playable Layers:

Base (Locomotion) Layer:

Additive Layer:

Gesture Layer:

Action Layer:

FX Layer:



Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use this?

Why is this a Discord Nitro perk